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The first time I met Ben I was about 12 years old, it was our first holiday at the campsite where he worked fixing the showers and stuff.

We just got talking one day, he was really chatty asking me about my friends and family and what kind of things I liked doing, he seemed to really understand me.
I knew Ben was a lot older than me but he was so friendly to me and my brother, he was such a good laugh and even went for drinks with my mum and dad when he wasn’t working.

We got friendly over the week, he told me how pretty I was, he said I was special and I felt special, I was gutted when I went home but he gave me a mobile phone so we could keep in touch.

I was really chuffed when he first contacted me on it, it was just texts at first, he sent me photos of himself and I did the same, he said he wanted to see my gorgeous face.

I was so happy when he said he loved me and called me his girlfriend.

Ben starting asking me to send pictures of myself in my underwear, I was a bit embarrassed but he sent me some of him and I felt like I would let him down if I didn’t do the same. After that I sent him more and more photos of myself, I was naked on some of them as he said he missed me and that’s what girlfriends do for their boyfriends.

Ben made me promise not to tell anyone about us as they wouldn’t understand, I knew they wouldn’t as they didn’t know him like I did.

It was only a few weeks later that we arranged to meet up, he took me for food and then gave me a charm bracelet, he said he would get me a charm every time we met. After the meal we had sex in his car.

After a few months Ben started hitting me if I didn’t talk to him properly or if I didn’t want to have sex with him, he was really horrible to me sometimes. I was so upset because I loved him so much and just wanted him to love me like he did in the beginning.

I felt lonely and trapped, I didn’t know who to tell about how I was feeling as Ben had become good friends with my parents and I’d drifted away from my friends.

One day I came home and there was a police officer there, my mum had looked at my phone and seen the messages from Ben.  I was so angry with her and didn’t really want to speak to the police, it was none of their business and I was scared of what Ben might say or do if he found 


After the police left I sat down with my mum, she looked so worried about me, it was hard but I just broke down and told her everything. I then decided to tell the police.

Ben ended up in prison for what he did to me but I realised I had been abused and stayed strong, as I had the support of my family and the police.

I’m much happier now Ben is no longer in my life. I’ve managed to catch up at school and I now have my good friends back in my life. 


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