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Bullying can be obvious - someone hitting you or threatening you - but it can also be harder to pin down. Bullies will often claim that what they are doing is a joke or a game.

If in doubt ask yourself: -

1. If it is a joke, is everyone laughing?

2. If it is a game, is everyone enjoying it?

3. If it was an accident, is anyone trying to help?

Having fun at someone else's expense is bullying.

Bullies are not special, not strong, not tough. In fact they usually need to appear powerful because they secretly feel weak. They may be: jealous of other people; unhappy with themselves; insecure; bullied at home; afraid of being unpopular; unable to show their feelings.

Bullies often try to make it seem that the bullying is the victim's own fault. This is never true.

Further Support

Select Here for information on Cyber Bullying (e.g. bullying through the internet). 

For more advice and support visit:

Select Here for more information on the Samaritans who provide help to people 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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