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 Autism Alert Cards 850 x 400

Cumbria Constabulary joined forces with the National Autistic Society in 2010 and launched an alert card, which people with autism can show people when they find communication difficult or need to explain their behaviour.

The cards were developed in consultation with adults with autism and parents of autistic children to tell people about the condition and ask them to show respect and tolerance. The cards provide information about autism, some simple advice and space for cardholders to write emergency contact details.

autism cards front

Cardholders can also apply to have their details stored by the police, so that if they report, witness, or are involved in an incident, officers will be alerted to the fact that the person has autism, allowing them to respond to the situation accordingly.

For more information on the Autism card click on the following link:

Autism Card Information

To apply for an Autism Card click on the following link:

Autism Card Application Form

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