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Social networking should be fun but it is also rapidly becoming a target for preying cyber-criminals.  They are able to abuse the nature of these sites and gather personal information about its users - information that users themselves are making publicly available.

Make sure you keep safe when social networking by protecting your privacy. Select Here for further Social Networking advice and guidance. If you are worried about your children and their social networking activity Select Here to visit our Protecting Children page which offers information, advice, and useful links.

One rule that we should all keep in mind, no matter what our age, is think before you post

  • Who is your audience going to be?
  • Are your privacy settings locked down enough?
  • Will strangers be learning more about your personal life than you would want them to?
  • Are you creating a security risk by tagging yourself in a location?

Select Here to visit the 'Get Safe Online' Website
The site includes further information on: securing your computer, digital security at home, scams and schemes, keeping the office secure, physical security for computers, mobiles and other devices, a guide for when security fails, and various other resources.
"Having a great time with the family on my holidays in Spain.
Weather is excellent and we are here for two whole weeks."

Social media can give potential burglars lots of very helpful information. So really think about the details you are providing to the world and who can see them.


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