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The problem of bullying is something which has taken on a new form in the world of the internet, and is often referred to as Cyber Bullying. This is where the use of the internet and related technologies are used to harm people in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner.

The anonymity which the internet and social media can provide also enables bullies to hide their identities, arguably making them less sensitive to any consequences. It is mostly a problem for young people, but it can affect all ages. This page will look at some of the issues, highlight awareness, and advise where you can report it.

This page signposts to websites where you can learn more about the issue.

You can report comments/posts on most networking sites as well as de-friending or blocking people who are are causing any upset. If these options are available use them and don't suffer in silence.

Further Support Sites

Select Here to visit Thinkuknow. An interactive and website set up to educate and inform children and their parents/carers and teachers about online safety, using games an cartoons with details of how to report anything that makes them uncomfortable.  Also has information broken up into age groups with approporate information for each group.


Select Here
for an internet page from Childline which gives further information as to what makes Cyber Bullying different from other types of bullying and lots of advice on the steps you cantake to stop the bullying.


Bullying UKSelect Here to visit the Bullying UK website which includes pages focusing on CyberBullying.


Select Here to visit the Samaritans who also provide help to people 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The overview of Cyberbullying below is from one of the many organisations who are fighting against it:

We all know how fast word can spread online, especially though social network channels. This is something that is also very much the case with cyberbullying where something can grow online incredibly quickly becoming out of control if not reported and challenged.

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