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Home Security

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Whilst Cumbria has seen a reduction in burglaries in 2016/17 of 9.8 per cent, almost half of those burglaries are classed as insecure or sneak-in offences (40 per cent).

These are crimes which potentially could have been prevented with some simple home security measures such as making sure doors and windows are locked and secure.

When you’re leaving the house, turn around and take a look at your home. How would a thief view it? An easy target?

Even the simplest of steps can drastically reduce the likelihood of your home being burgled. Simple steps such as making sure doors are always locked – whether you are in or not and whether or not it is day or night – and only keeping widows open in occupied rooms.

Gardens and Sheds

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• Always lock any access gates that lead to your garden or shed
• Keep valuables in your home - not in your garden or in the shed
• Keep wheelie bins away from garden fences to prevent access to your garden
• Visibly and permanently mark any property stored in your shed, keep a note of any
  serial numbers
• Ensure the door to your shed is secure, use close shackle padlocks
• Where possible chain tools, lawnmowers, strimmers, ladders etc to a fi xed object
  inside the shed
• Use coach bolts or non-return screws to secure door hinges
• Consider loca ng your shed where you can see it from your house
• Consider installing a shed alarm and security ligh ng

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