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Tackling Burglary is a force priority. Statistics show that over 60% of burglaries are via insecure properties with Burglars getting access to homes via open windows and unlocked doors. To prevent your home being an easy target for thieves, please take some time now to assess the security of your home. The following advice will help to keep your home and posessions safe.

Top Tips to keep your house safe

• Lock doors & windows before you go out
• Remove keys from locks & keep out of reach of windows & doors
• Ensure side gates & sheds are locked
• Keep gifts, cash & valuables safe & well hidden, so they can’t be seen or reached by thieves
• Consider fitting a burglar alarm & low energy dusk to dawn lighting, check regularly to ensure they work
• Ensure your house is secure, preventing someone entering when you are busy elsewhere in the house or garden
• Postcode your valuables with a UV pen, consider registering them on
• Leave a light on in a room & draw curtains when you go out at night
• Look out for your neighbour’s property
• Consider joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
• Cancel newspapers, milk etc when you go on holiday
• Make sure callers to your home are genuine, always ask for ID

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How Secure is Your Shed?

Police often find that as Spring approaches and the grass begins to grow, crime also starts to grow as garden sheds become a target for thieves. People often do not realise just how much the property in their shed is worth. How secure is your shed and the property inside it? Please consider the tips below.

Select Here for an A5 crime prevention flyer on garden security that includes the following advice.

• Do not keep valuables in your garden shed, keep these safely within your home.
• Ensure the door to your shed is secure, use close shackle padlocks
• Use coach bolts or non-return screws to secure door hinges
• Visibly and permanently mark any property stored in your shed, keeping a note of any serial numbers
• Chain tools, lawnmowers, strimmers, ladders etc to a fixed object inside the shed where possible
• Consider locating your shed where you can see it from your house
• Lock any access gates that lead to your shed or garden
• Consider installing a shed alarm and security lighting

Car security advice 

Select here for top security tips to keep your car and possessions safe. 

Caravan Park Advice Materials

Select Here for an advice leaflet with top tips on how to keep you caravan/chalet and possessions safe.

Select Here for a property marking order form from Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association

Security Risks of Social Networks

Holiday Ipad

"Having a great time with the family on hols in Spain. Weather is excellent and here for two weeks."

Always make sure your Privacy settings are set correctly so your social media messages are only showing to the people you trust. A combination of bad privacy settings and geo-tagged information give burglars valuable information.

Select Here for more information on how burglars are using social media to determine their targets.

Further Information Links

Select Here for an overview of the 'Secured by Design' Initiative. It focuses on crime prevention in homes and commercial premises, promoting the use of products that have achieved a recognised security standard. For further information visit their website:

Select Here for Land Registry information and Select Here to visit the Master Locksmiths Association website.

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