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Report online For non emergencies
Call 999 For emergency calls only
Call 999 For emergency calls only
Call 101 If unable to report online
Call 101 If unable to report online

Don't make it easy for thieves


Acquisitive Crime Prevention

Don't let thieves gain access to your possessions. Follow our advice to prevent you from being a victim of  theft or a burglary.

Bogus Callers

Not all burglars break into homes - some will try to trick or con their way in.

Business Advice

Proprietors are encouraged to take simple crime prevention measures to reduce the risk of crime.

Community Safety Accreditation Scheme

Neighbourhood Wardens, Security Guards or VOSA Enforcement Liaison Officers.

Frauds & Finance Security

Advice to avoid becoming a victim of fraud & the different types designed to target vulnerable people & businesses.

Heating & Diesel Oil

Crime prevention advice - there can be an increase in the theft of heating & diesel oil when the price of crude oil rises.

Home Security

Over 60% of burglaries are via insecure properties with burglars gaining acces to homes via open windows & unlocked doors.

Marine Watch

Information on one of our watch schemes which is aimed towards boat owners.

Neighbourhood Watch 

Neighbourhood Watch schemes play a vital role in crime detection, prevention and community safety.

Pickpocket / Purse Thefts

We are keen to promote the value of good security systems. Includes NPCC Security Systems Policy & alarms information.

 Security Systems

We are keen to promote the value of good security systems. 

Vulnerable Adults - Financial Abuse

This project is a nationwide initiative to raise awareness of instances of Financial Abuse against Vulnerable Adults.