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It is important for public confidence in policing that Cumbria Constabulary is open and accountable about misconduct proceedings involving officers and specials.

The vast majority of officers and specials who work for the Constabulary act with integrity and professionalism at all times. However, where conduct falls below the high standards expected by the Force it is important for public to know they will be dealt with firmly.

With this in mind, Cumbria Constabulary is now publishing the outcomes of misconduct hearings and meetings to the public.

The information will be published every 3 months and includes details of the Police Officer Standards of Professional Behaviour which has been breached, basic details of the breach and the misconduct outcome.



a)    Name of the Officer concerned:·      Police Constable 2017 David Edwards (former officer who resigned from the force with effect from 30 June 2019).

b)    The date and location of the hearing:·      1 July 2019 at Cumbria Police Federation Office. 

c)    The Panel considered evidence that the conduct of PC Edwards, (now a former officer of Cumbria Constabulary) amounted to a breach or breaches of the Standard of Professional Behaviour in respect of Authority, Respect and Courtesy and Discreditable Conduct.

d)    The Panel found that there had been a breach of both Standards of Professional Behaviour in that whilst off-duty and in drink he inappropriately touched three female police colleagues on their breasts and buttocks. This touching was uninvited and unwanted. The breaches found proved amounted to gross misconduct.

e) The outcome was that the former officer would have been dismissed from Cumbria Constabulary, had he still been a police officer.


Misconduct Outcomes April - June 2017

Misconduct outcomes July - September 2017

Misconduct outcomes October - December 2017