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The Cumbria Counter Terrorism Branch Ports Unit has a responsibility for providing effective Ports and Border Control within the Cumbria geographical area.

Although they are based at Whitehaven they are also responsible for covering our designated airport, Carlisle, as well as our non designated airports/airfields and the maritime traffic at all our ports:

  • Carlisle Airport, Cark Airfield, Walney Airfield, Kirkbride Airfield, Newby Grass Airstrip,
    Glassonby Grass Airstrip, Lingcroft Grass Airstrip
  • Port of Barrow, Port of Workington, Whitehaven Harbour and Marina, Maryport Harbour, Port of Silloth, Harrington Marina, Ravenglass, Millom Landing, Arnside Slip -

One of the responsibilities of the unit is to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, in particular Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

The units primary role is to protect the national security of the United Kingdom and to counter the threat of international and domestic terrorism, espionage, proliferation, disruption and detection of organised crime syndicates involved in people trafficking, people exploitation, importation of drugs and weapons within the port environment.

The unit works closely with other key enforcement agencies, UKBA, HMRC and the North West
Counter Terrorism Unit as well as Neighbourhood policing teams across Cumbria.

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