Speed Awareness Courses

Take A Speed Awareness Course, Become A Safer Driver, Save Three Points On Your Licence

A Speed Awareness Course is an alternative to the fixed penalty process, being fined and getting three penalty points on your licence, when your speed has been recorded marginally above the limit.

What does this course mean?

You attend a course and pay a fee, which differs depending on where in the Country you opt to take your course.  The course is aimed to re-educate people to become safer drivers and hopefully avoid exceeding the speed limit in the future.  You will not have to pay the £100 fixed penalty or more importantly not receive the 3 penalty points on your driving licence.

Why do three points matter?

Your insurance company will need to be notified if you get points on your licence. This can often increase your insurance premium for up to three years.

New Drivers should also note if in the first 2 years of passing your test you accumulate 6 penalty points on your driving licence you will revert back to a provisional status and need to take a re-test.

The points count on your licence for three years and stay on for four years. If you get 12 points on your licence in three years, you normally lose your licence for up to six months.

By attending the Speed Awareness Course you not only avoid three points, you also have the chance to gain the skills to avoid more points in future!

What do I need to do now if I want to accept a course?

• Tick box one on page four of the notice and complete the boxes at the bottom of the page with your details.
• Photocopy both parts your Driving Licence.
• Send a PHOTOCOPY of your Driving Licence (not your original licence) and your completed Notice back to Central Ticket Office, P 0 Box 147, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7ZD.
• DO NOT send any payment at this stage.
• DO NOT send your original driving licence.
• Await correspondence from TTC - the Speed Awareness Course provider - to arrange the booking and payment of the course, or the Central Ticket Office.

A Course and NO penalty points sounds good, are there any drawbacks?

You will have to give up some of your time to attend the course and you also have to pay for the course.  By doing this you will not receive any penalty points on your driving Licence.

When and where are the courses held?

There are National Speed Awareness Courses available at different locations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Course length and price do vary depending on which area you choose to attend.  To view all the locations please visit www.ttc-uk.com (click on Book Speed Awareness Course then Book a course on line now) or www.driver-improvement.co.uk (click on Speed Awareness Scheme then NSAC service providers).

Please note you are only viewing the available course locations, you are unable to book a place on a National Speed Awareness Course at this stage. In Cumbria Courses cost £80 (£85 on Sundays) and are held on most days in:

• Carlisle
• Penrith
• Milnthorpe
• Workington
• Barrow-in-Furness.

Will there be a test? Can I fail?

There is no test to pass, but you are required to "complete the course in a satisfactory way." This means you must make a positive contribution to the course by participating fully.

What we expect from you?

Satisfactory completion of the course, which means:

• Attending all session
• Completing all course paperwork
• Demonstrating a positive attitude to road safety

If you, do not manage all these requirements, you will be considered to have not completed the course in a satisfactory way and the fine and points will be imposed.

Can I pay a bit at a time?

Yes this is usually permitted in 2 installments.  We would advise checking with your chosen provider.

Do I have to do the course?

No, this is entirely up to you. If you decide not to accept the offer of the course you still have the option of complying with the Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty within the statutory 28 days.

Is the course a lecture?

Absolutely not. It is a chance to look at some habits that you might have developed, discuss them with others in a relaxed atmosphere and to explore some good driving tips with an experienced trainer.

Who do I contact for further information about Speed Awareness Courses?

If you have any queries or questions not covered on this website, please contact:

TTC Group
Hadley Park
Tel. 0845 270 4363
Fax. 0845 270 4381
Text phone. 0845 270 4352
Email. cumbriasac@ttc-uk.com
Website: www.ttc-uk.com

What some people have said after being on a Speed Awareness Course:

"An excellent course, has really made me think about the need to keep to speed limits".

"I thought I was going to be lectured to. The course leaders were really friendly and professional. So glad I didn't take the penalty points and the fine".

"I'm much better now at recognising different speed limit areas".

"Has given me so much more confidence with my driving, especially with reading the road ahead and avoiding potentially dangerous situations".

"It was nothing like I expected, it was an enjoyable and informative course".
"An excellent opportunity to refresh ones driving, I would recommend it to everyone".

"Really didn't want to come, so glad I did".

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