Online Safety

Cyber Bullying

The problem of bullying is something which has taken on a new form in the world of the Internet, often referred to as Cyberbullying.


A hacker is a person who is able to access other people’s computers and modify programs or information.

Mobile Phones & Computers

Practical measures you can take to keep your mobile phone safe.

Online Shopping

Before you buy online, read our tips to make sure you are safe and secure.

Protecting Children

Children now grow up in a world where computer technology and life on the internet is the norm.

Sexting Issues

Sexting is the sharing of explicit pictures or video through mobile phones/other devices and the internet.

Social Media

Social Networking should be fun but they are also rapidly becoming a huge target from preying cyber-criminals.

The Internet is an excellent information resource and the world wide web has become part of many people's everyday life. However a great deal of crimes and issues also arise as a result of the misuse of the Internet. These pages are to help you understand some of these issues, offer guidance, and point you towards further support resources. Keep switched on whilst you're online.


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