Saturday 14th

Take care with
your Christmas drinks

Remember when out to keep your drink with you, don't leave your drinks unattended or accept drinks from strangers. Think before you drink! Look after yourself and each other and get home safely.
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Sunday 15th

Are your children going to
Christmas parties & want alcohol?

Do your children ask you to get
alcohol to take to parties?
Are you sure of the facts or advice
available? Think before you drink!

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Monday 16th

Together we can stop
Domestic Violence

No-one should live in fear of violence,
together we can prevent it this Christmas,
call us on 101 or in an emergency call 999. Think before you drink!
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Tuesday 17th

Are your decorations up
and presents wrapped?

What a lovely sight, especially
for thieves.

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Wednesday 18th

Schools out for Christmas!

Keep Children safe during the holidays,
know where they are & remind them not
to play on or near frozen rivers &
lakes – these are not safe!

Thursday 19th

Park safely when
Christmas shopping

Remember to park in busy, well lit areas
or a secure car park if you are out
shopping tonight across Cumbria.

Friday 20th

It’s Festive Friday!

Think before you drink!
Know your limits, recognise the signs
that it’s time to slow down, ensure this is
a Festive Friday to celebrate!
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Saturday 21st

Planning a night out,
Plan to stay safe!

Plan how you're going to get home safely,
stick with friends & look out for each other. Think before you drink! Keys, money,
phone, plans to get home!
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Sunday 22nd

Save a life, never drink
and drive

If you see someone who is drinking and
driving, call Police on 999 or 101 if it’s less
urgent. Think before you drink! It’s simple,
don’t take the risk, don’t drink and drive! Click HERE for more info

Monday 23rd

Planning to travel to see
friends and family?

This time of year can be great to travel
to stay with friends and family, before
setting off check travel & weather reports. Keep updated with traffic updates
on our website.
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Tuesday 24th

It's Christmas Eve!

Time to make your last minute plans for
Christmas, whether last minute shopping,
travelling and dropping off presents or
having a few drinks, please drive
safely & enjoy!

Wednesday 25th

Happy Christmas to you all!

Many thanks to all our followers during
the Christmas advent countdown, we
hope you have found this useful and have
enjoyed the messages. Have a Safe and Happy Christmas.

101 or 999 in an emergency